Helping your Child


1)Always write the date and title at the top of your homework.

2) Always write your answers in full sentences.

3)Use a pencil to complete your maths homework and a pen for literacy (Years 4, 5 and 6)

4)Try to join all of your handwriting and take care with your presentation.

5)Ask one of your parents to check over your Homework and you can explain your learning to them.

6)If you are unsure of any part of your homework, you must either ask a parent to help or bring it back in to school (before the deadline) for a teacher to explain it again to you.

7)Bring your completed Homework back to school on the allocated day and put it in the homework tray to be marked.

8)Homework should take a maximum of 30 minutes.

Please note...

If a child brings their homework into school late, or untidy, they will receive a late mark and some golden time lost. If they do not bring the homework in at all, they will lose all of their golden time and they will be asked to complete the homework that was set by their class teacher.

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