We really enjoy our creative maths lessons, events and activities here at St. Margaret Mary's Catholic Junior School.

On this page you will find out what we have been up to lately!

Our maths ambassadors...

Our Maths Ambassadors have been so busy in school recently. They have been...

Inputting data and creating tables for our 5-aside Football Competition:


Helping out in homework club and supporting learning in classrooms:


Presenting in assemblies:



When the infants came to play…

We were really proud to show off our new Maths Hub to our infant school. They brought their maths ambassadors and we taught them some really fun maths games.


NSPCC Number Day 2018

We were really proud on the 2nd of February to support the national charity for children, the NSPCC! Every class spent time completing lots of fun and exciting number activities and we all dressed up as our favourite number! At the end of the day we took part in an assembly where we were able to share our experiences and learn about the valuable work of the NSPCC. Have a look at our assembly PowerPoint presentation below to see some of what we got up to!



Morgan Sindall

Morgan Sindall are a local construction company who came into school in January to work with different classes across the school.

Employers of the company discussed how they use maths in their jobs. The children gained a very good understanding of why they need to work hard to develop their maths skills and can now make real links to their own lives and aspirations. For example, understanding why we need to be able to calculate volume and how to do this accurately.



We also found out that Michael used to be in Mr Arnold’s class when he was 9 and he is now 27. This makes Mr Arnold...very old


Inter-Schools Chess Competitions

We now have a school chess club and we recently challenged Malvern Primary to visit us and have a local chess match. This was such an exciting thing for us to do and it was very competitive (not to mention that we won). Malvern have now challenged us to a rematch…




Year 3 learn to be travel agents!

On 7th February, Mr Hall’s mum came into school to teach us all about the holiday industry. We learnt so much about how much maths is involved – from finding prices of hotels to booking flights and not to mention shopping in the duty free! We had a brilliant lesson. Thank you to Mrs Hall for coming in and sharing your knowledge, we loved it!



Maths in life displays...

Our classroom displays are a really important resource for learning, particularly for Maths! In all of our classrooms (and in our corridors) we have a 'Maths in Life' display - promoting the importance of applying mathematical skills and understanding to our everyday lives. Many of these are a work in progress and develop as the children learn, but we have included some in a PowerPoint below for you to have a look at! Enjoy!


Examples of work...

Each lesson we strive to teach the children in different ways so that they are equipped with the skills to apply and develop their understanding. It is important that our pupils are motivated by their maths lessons and we are incredibly lucky to teach such hard working children! Please have a look at some examples of our work - some of it has been really challenging!



Inter School 5-a-side Football League

Here at St. Margaret Mary's Catholic Junior School lots of our children (and staff) take their love of football very seriously! It is important to us to enable all of the children to be able to participate within friendly competitions and Mr Arnolds Inter School Football Tournament is thoroughly enjoyed by all involved!

Each Friday, for 13 weeks, boys and girls from years 5 and 6 compete to climb to the top of the league! Each week an award is given for best performance, best goal and best save. The children take responsibility for recording the scores and performances using spreadsheets and these are attached below for you to have a look at! They will be updated each week to reflect the teams' progress...