Parent Forum


St.   Margaret Mary Roman Catholic Junior School



Class Represented

Brian Bretherton


Libby Cook


Laura Walters

Parent Forum

Julie Hill


Julie Campbell


Kirsty Cartwright


Julia Davies


Claire Poole




Andrea Duffy


Emma King





Class Represented

Nicola Townson



Classes not represented

6AC, 6JP, 6KW, 5JO, 5CM, 5SA, 4KH, 3TM

Purpose of the Forum

  1. The purpose of the Forum was discussed:-

  • For Parents to bring to the attention of the Senior Leadership Team the collective views of the parents in their class (What is going Well? What needs to improve?)

  • For the Senior Leadership Team to bring to the attention of the parents up and coming initiatives and to commission the views of parents.

  1. Transition

                The Transition arrangements for 2020-21 were discussed. Discussions are already underway with the 

                Infant  school. Transition will commence in the Spring Term and will involve:-

  • Sessions held at the Infant School to which key junior staff will attend (Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher, Learning Mentor, Head of Year 3)

  • Sessions held at the junior school to which the Learning Mentor from the Infant School will attend

  • A coffee morning for Year 2 parents to which Mrs Wilkinson, Mrs Culley, Mrs Perry and Mrs Finnegan will attend

  • Additional transition sessions for more vulnerable pupils

  • A buddy system (Year 5 to link with Year 2, Year 4 to link with Year 1, Year 3 to link up with Foundation Stage. Each term there will be a specific activity carried out between buddies:-

Autumn 1-classes to write to classes

Autumn 2-Infant school to receive a Christmas card from their buddy

Spring 1-Video Clip to be sent across from Juniors to Infants

Spring 2-Infant school to receive an Easter Card from their buddy

Summer 1-Junior Children to read with their Buddy

Summer 2-Infant and Junior School to share their favourite activities of the year

  • Year 2/ Year 5 Transition day to be held in school (Year 2 children to spend the morning with their buddy.

  • Year 5 pupils to attend the  Year 2 Leavers’ Mass

  • Multi-Professional Meetings to be held to discuss classes and the individual needs of specific children (Headteachers, Deputy Headteachers, Learning Mentors, Year 2 and 3 Teachers)

  • Meeting for Year 2 Parents to give an opportunity to learn about the routines for the forthcoming year.

It was suggested that the Year 2 parents are invited to join the Junior school app (as soon as they have been given their place)


  1. Google Drive

  • Parents were informed that dates have now been set for the year and are on the school Google Calendar

  • Dates for the half term are currently on the newsletter-termly dates (rather than half termly) were requested 


  1. Teams

  • Parents were informed about the teams that exist in school:-

Safeguarding,                                                                                   Inclusion

Teaching, Learning and Standards                                               Vulnerable Groups

Pastoral                                                                                             Maths

Curriculum                                                                                        English

Health and Safety                                                                           Science&Technology

Site Management                                                                           Creative Arts

GDPR                                                                                                 Humanities

Community Cohesion                                                                    Sport

Medical Needs                                                                                Communication

Change                                                                                             Catholic Ethos

Learning Environment                                                                  Breakfast and After School Club

Educational Visits                                                                          Attendance

Julia Hill offered to join the Creative Arts Team, Libby Cook to join the Catholic Ethos. As Governor Laura Walters is the member of a number of teams. School would welcome parent membership on teams.


  1. Catholic Schools’ Inspection

  • The school will be inspected in the Summer Term for RE and Collective Worship. Parents have been sent a questionnaire which will be analysed and then acted upon-it was suggested that Survey Monkey be considered for future surveys (in addition to paper questionnaires)


  1. Assertive Mentoring Conversations

  • The new format for Parent Consultations was discussed. Moving forward parent consultations will take place during the school day 8am-5.30pm. Parents will be offered a longer appointment part of which will take place in the presence of their child.

  • Parents asked for privacy during conversations-this has been an issue in the past when consultations took place in the hall.

  1. Coffee Morning (25th October)

  • Coffee Morning on 25th October will focus upon the Well Being Award

  • Mrs Culley requested the presence of companies who have an interest in ‘Well Being to run a stall at the event


  1. PTA 

               Forthcoming events include:-

  • Book Sale/Jumble Sale-6th November (uniform)

  • Christmas Fair-29th November


The vision of the PTA is for every child to have their own I pad. This is where funding is to be targeted

        It was suggested that donations of uniform be made to be sold.


          Next meeting 17th October-9.15 and 3.15


  1. What’s Going Well?

-Presence on the gate (welcoming/good for safeguarding)

-Mr P and Mr B-respond actively to issues (lollipop, dogs etc)


-Parent Worshops 

-Performance Opportunities 


-Music Lessons

-Recognition for the children


  1. What could be even better



  • Dates for Diary-term’s worth to be put on the newsletter

  • More notice of events-notice for the school disco was too short

  • User Group for website

  • Survey Monkey questionnaires to be used (to be distributed 7.30/8pm)

  • Possibility of opening  the first gate at -2.55pm

  • Traffic Department at Knowsley and Liverpool to be invited for a joint meeting to discuss the traffic situation on Pilch Lane

  • Elected member for the ward to be cancelled

  • Notices to be put onto the newsletter re parking  (it is a criminal offence to park on zig zag line-3points and a fine)

  • Research the waste ground at the back of school with a view to parking space.

  • Campaign  for safer roads through the children-leaflets/ children on patrol (supervised by adults).

  • Liaise with Louise re Coffee Mornings

  • Infant parents to be invited to use the school app

Date of next meeting-19th November (2pm)