National Anti-Bullying Week - 16th – 20th November


National Anti-Bullying Week - 16th – 20th November


Dear Parents/Carers, 

Next week is national anti-bullying week and this year’s theme is ‘United Against Bullying’

Throughout the week the children will be taking part in anti-bullying activities to help them:

  • Understand what is bullying.  
  • Identify the different forms of bullying.
  • Raise awareness that we are all responsible for making our school a happy and safe place. 
  • Open discussions on how we can make our school community a safer and happier place for all.  
  • Explore whether small changes can make a big difference when it comes to bullying. 
  • Highlight the use of technology responsibly and respectfully.
  • Acknowledge and celebrate our differences and similarities.
  • Promote the positive behaviours that make our school a bully free community 
  • Recognise types of bullying behaviours that are not accepted in our school.
  • Understand the impact bullying has on someone

Whether it is verbal, physical, online, indirect or disability, bullying has a significant impact on a child’s life and by challenging our united power, through shared efforts and shared ambitions, we can reduce bullying together. Small, simple changes, can break this cycle and create a safe school environment for al. 

Monday 16th November - ‘Odd Socks Day’

To launch Anti-Bullying Week and show support we ask you, as parents, to encourage your child to support this cause by coming into school in the most diverse and odd socks as possible. 

This will be a fun opportunity for children and staff to express themselves, appreciate individuality and celebrate uniqueness.

Thank you for your continued support


Yours sincerely


Mrs. R. Wilkinson        Mrs C. Perry

Headteacher               Learning Mentor