SYNOD 2020


Synod 2020

Synod 2020 is the journey on which the Archdiocese of Liverpool has set out upon, to renew and refresh the Mission of the Church locally, in response to the particular challenges and opportunities of these times.

As Catholic Schools (and their families) are a huge part of the life and Mission of the Archdiocese it is important that we take full part in the Synod journey and that we ensure that the voices of all of those in our school communities are heard as the Archdiocese discerns the way forward.

We began our school year reflecting on the SYNOD questions and each class looked at one in detail.

Year 3: What if our church wasn’t there to do these things?
Year 4: How can we be the Church God is calling us to be?
Year 5: Does the Church need to change? How?
Year 6: Should Church leaders be doing something different?


Theme 1- Sharing the Mission of Jesus

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Theme 2- Sharing the Mission of Jesus


Theme 3 - How we pray together

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Theme 4 - SYNOD 2020

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