I’m sure some of you will now be aware of changes that have occurred to the curriculum in September 2014.

Curriculum 2014 has been developed partly be comparing England’s curriculum to those in other countries. As the department of Education puts it it’s all about trying to compete with the global economy and the 2014 curriculum “combines the best elements of what is taught in the world’s most successful school systems, including Hong Kong, Massachusetts, Singapore and Finland, with most of the most impressive (existing practice) from school in England.”

“This September sees some changes in schools. To make sure that many more children get a better start in life, we’re improving what children study, how they study it and how their progress is assessed. It’s a lot of change, but it’s necessary. Why? So that this country keeps up with the demand from universities and employers for top-class knowledge and skills.” Education Minister Nick Gibb.

You will see on the following pages in this section the changes that Saint Margaret Mary’s Junior School have put in place to address these changes.

Within Computing especially there have been some big changes to equip are children with the constant changing face of technology in our world today.

If you have any other queries regarding the Curriculum at our School please contact Mrs Culley at the school.

Year group topic plans:

Year 3 – Cross Curricular Theme Planning

Year 4 – Cross Curricular Theme Planning

Year 5 – Cross Curricular Theme Planning

Year 6 – Cross Curricular Theme Planning

Subject Overview

Religious Education

Physical Education