School Uniform



                               St. Margaret Mary’s Catholic Junior School 

        Loving, learning, growing together with Jesus 

         School Uniform Expectations 


          Winter Uniform Summer Uniform 

• Grey skirt or long grey trousers 

• Gold blouse 

• White shirt worn with a black and gold tie 

• Grey cardigan or pullover with school badge 

• Short or knee length white or grey socks (not sport or patterned socks) 

• During the winter months thick black or grey tights may be worn 

• Black flats shoes- conventional style, polishable or patent leather (not trainers) 

• Yellow/white dress with grey or white cardigan 

• Yellow polo shirt (NOT tee-shirt) 

• Grey shorts 

• Black or white flat shoes conventional style, polishable or patent leather - (not trainers) 

Lisa's Schoolwear is the official school uniform supplier for the school. - 275,

  East Prescot Road, Knotty Ash, Liverpool, L14 2DB. Telephone 0151 259 8277 

PE KIT Swimming Kit 

• Yellow tee-shirt and Sweatshirt (Items with school badge obtained from school) 

• Plain black shorts - Cycling or football shorts are not acceptable 

• Pumps for PE. Trainers may be worn for outdoor games 

• Swimming kit – swimming costume or trunks (not long shorts). Children with long hair must wear a swimming cap. 

FOOTWEAR - Children must wear sensible shoes in school. In the interests of safety, shoes must have a flat heel.

For health and safety reasons, clogs, heeled sandals etc are unacceptable. Trainers may be worn at playtime and

lunchtime when the children are outside, but they are NOT TO BE WORN to and from school or indoors.

(please see separate sheet enclosed for clarification of expectations) 

HAIR - Hair should be appropriately styled. Long hair should be tied back at all times with yellow or black ribbons/bobbles.

Hair should not be excessively short or inappropriately styled (numbers or designs are not acceptable). 

ACCESSORIES: No accessories other than a watch and a pair of stud earnings will be allowed for safety reasons.