Maths games

We had a great time playing maths games with our parents recently. The Year 5 children led the session for the Year 3 and 4 children who came, along with their parents. We received some great feedback - thank you very much!



Rick's (Year 4 Pupil) parent commented: "Really good idea. Kids seemed relaxed but learning at the same time. My son loves maths as he likes to play on his computer."

Ethan's (Year 3 Pupil) parent commented: "Really enjoyed playing maths games with the children. Ethan enjoyed it and I think the children and mums would benefit from doing this more often. (Children from Year 5 were great and explained the games really well)."

Keira's (Year 3 Pupil) parent commented: "Maths Hub – great idea. Keira really enjoyed it. All children got involved – well done to all, such a fun afternoon."

Paul's (Year 3 Pupil) parent commented: "We both really enjoyed Maths Hub. The games are really enjoyable and got us both thinking. The children assisting with the games are lovely and helpful. We would love to do it again. Thanks for the opportunity."

Loui's (Year 3 pupil) parent commented: "This was a fantastic idea and we both really enjoyed it. A great way of making maths fun and interesting. Brilliant idea to have the older pupils involved directing the session."

Addison's (Year 3) parent commented: "We had a great time. It was fun coming into the school and doing these activities with Addison. There was loads of choice and everyone was very helpful."