Maths in industry

Year 3 learn to be travel agents!

On 7th February, Mr Hall’s mum came into school to teach us all about the holiday industry. We learnt so much about how much maths is involved – from finding prices of hotels to booking flights and not to mention shopping in the duty free! We had a brilliant lesson. Thank you to Mrs Hall for coming in and sharing your knowledge, we loved it!







Morgan Sindall

Morgan Sindall are a local construction company who came into school in January to work with different classes across the school.

Employers of the company discussed how they use maths in their jobs. The children gained a very good understanding of why they need to work hard to develop their maths skills and can now make real links to their own lives and aspirations. For example, understanding why we need to be able to calculate volume and how to do this accurately.



We also found out that Michael used to be in Mr Arnold’s class when he was 9 and he is now 27. This makes Mr Arnold...very old.